QA (testing)

Better safe than sorry!

A few words should be said about testing. There are different types of testing but in this context we will focus exclusively on website performance testing. In a more narrow sense – we compare the final result with TOR requirements.

In order to ensure the required product quality we need to conduct a final verification of each layout and functional element, examine all allocated content. If we find defects we remove them and repeat the cycle. Only after the entire website passed inspection for compliance with TOR requirements we can show our work to the customer.

The final stage of website development

Testing is the final stage of website development after which we deliver our work to the client and the team approaches this step very seriously.

At current stage of testing technologies development there isn’t a single method which completely excludes the possibility of error detection after testing phase. Very rarely yet sometimes it happens our clients turn to us for bug fix, even after a few months after the project delivery.

What’s next?
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