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Interface design process in our company

Analytics along with prototyping are one of the most important stages of interface design process, unfortunately, not all clients are always willing to invest their time and money in data collection and analysis. Studies show that error correction in the interface design phase costs an order of magnitude less than in the page makeup, coding or testing phase. A considerable resource saving potential is an obvious benefit of investment in this process. It is analytics that provides sufficient ground for decision-making: what exactly should be done, why and how.

That is why when ordering interface design for your website from our company you get comprehensive analytics and prototyping. Also, we are always happy to perform only analytic research if you do not need prototypes.

Data structuring

Through analysis of statistics and information about your project we can accurately answer the question – what information will be required by future users of your website. As a result we compile a list of all key elements of the website content. Next, using the «Mind Map» technology we create a site map. The main purpose of its existence is to provide the character the shortest way to all the information needed to achieve his goals. Simply put, we structure content required by users.

And now we come to the final stage of interface design process – drawing sketches and prototypes. At this stage all obtained data is visualized. This allows the designer to visually communicate their thoughts and ideas. And with dynamic prototypes it is possible not only to show the looks of the prototypes but to demonstrate them in interaction. Usually we add minimum and simplified functionality that is sufficient to demonstrate execution of agreed scripts.

Having completed the work on prototypes, we can move on to graphic design.

What’s next?
The further step — graphic design.

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