Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a user interface (UI)?

What the user sees and interacts during working with device or program. Sometimes we use term graphic user interface (GUI).

What are elements of user interface?

Any user interface consist of elements. Elements may be grouped in blocks.

What is a user experience (UX)?

Usually it’s a collecting term for perceptions, behavior and emotions of user during interaction with any device or system. But also it means a group of disciplines that study effect of design on users.

What steps are include in interaction design process?

We commonly distinguish two stages: research or analysis and prototyping.

What is a site prototyping?

Fast and rough model of future website, its structure. One of the best way to demonstrate or test variants of interfaces. Prototyping is a part of an interface design process.

What is an information architecture?

The process of organization information on website or in any system including determining structure, hierarchy of screens, navigation, content, title and headers schemes and common principles to give user the best way to find information he is looking for.

What is a site structure?

A part of an information architecture, namely creating the most effective disposition of pages and navigation system between them.

Where are mood boards from?

A term from the border between interaction and visual designs. Usually it’s a collage of pictures that helps to determine emotional part of future design.