What do we mean?

It is not always obvious why steady dialogue between the contractor and the customer is necessary, we want to emphasize – not performance control but namely dialogue.

The point is – there is no better way to convey your thoughts to the executor. Even the most successful ideas are brought to life only through the process of efficient cooperation. It is vital that we share common understanding of the pursued goals and objectives.

Nothing can replace your experience of many years, only you can tell us about the nuances that must be considered in order to make the project a success.

Preparation for further work

Each company has its own technical process that comprises certain communication approaches and solutions, such as briefs, questionnaires, online or offline forms. However, in practice it is extremely difficult to compile high quality Terms of Reference (TOR or technical specifications) without personal contacts and meetings.

Thoroughly made TOR is an excellent basis for starting activities on the project by either the most demanding and known IT companies or startups. On a serious level this documentation is written by relevant experts, but on an elementary level customers can create their own documentation consisting of at least website structure, basic elements and the estimation of total amount of work, and to do so is often necessary.

This document is important for all the parties involved in the process. On the one hand, it provides a framework for time and budget assessment. On the other hand, it becomes a lot easier for the client to keep track of all tasks and details specified in the TOR.

What’s next?
The further step – Analysis and technical specifications.

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